4th Musculoskeletal MRI meeting 2017: Spine MRI

May 6th 2017 - Ospedale Regionale di Lugano, Civico, Aula Magna


Dear colleagues,

Welcome to our fourth MRI meeting in Lugano in collaboration with the Swiss
Society of musculoskeletal Radiology (SSSR). During the meeting we will integrate, as usual, the imaging and the clinical part of spine MRI and very well known speakers coming from USA, Italy, Denmark and Switzerland will discuss and, if possible, will try to answer to many questions that constantly arise during our clinical practice such as: is that an abnormal finding or just a normal variants? What is clinical relevance of some MR findings? Should I report that? What are the advanced in knowledge and the limitations in spine MRI for rheumatology patients? What is the rheumatologist interested in my report? What are is the role of spine MRI in trauma patients? Is that really a spondilodiscitis? These and many other questions will be the background of our meeting that I invite you to attend.

Hope to see you in Lugano.


Alessandro Cianfoni, MD, Viceprimario del Servizio di neuroradiologia, Neuorcentro
della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano (CH)

John A. Carrino, MD, MPH, Vice Chairman Radiology and Imaging, Weill CornellMedical College Hospital for Special Surgery, New York (USA)

Pietro Scarone
, MD, Caposervizio del Servizio di neurochirurgia, Neuorcentro dellaSvizzera Italiana, Lugano (CH)

Christian W. A. Pfirrmann
, MD, MBA, Chefarzt Radiologie, Universitätsklinik Balgrist, Zürich (CH)

Anna L. Falkowski
, MD, Fellow Muskuloskelettale Radiologie, Universitätsspital Basel (CH)

Mazda Farshad
, MD, MPH Abteilungleiter Wirbelsäule Chirurgie, Universitätsklinik Balgrist, Zürich (CH)

Gustav Andreisek
, MD, MBA, Chefarzt Radiologie Kantonsspital Musterlingen (CH)

Nadja Farshad-Amacker
, MD, Oberaerztin Radiologie, Universitätsspital Zürich (CH)

Jan Fritz
, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Science, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (USA)

Veronika Zubler
, MD, Oberaerztin Radiologie, Universitätsklinik Balgrist, Zürich (CH)

Ulrich Weber
, MD, Consultant King Christian 10th Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Gråsten (DK) and Associate Professor in Rheumatology, University of Southern Denmark

Alberto Zerbi
, MD, Responsabile U.O. di radiologia diagnostica e interventistica, Ospedale Galeazzi, Milano (I)

Tobias Dietrich
, MD, Oberarzt mbF und Leiter MRI, Kantonsspital St. Gallen (CH)