Istituto Oncologico della Svizzera Italiana

Radio-Oncology / Radiotherapy Back

The Radio-Oncology Service treats tumours through the use of radiation (radiotherapy). The cutting edge devices used in use are located both in Lugano and Bellinzona. Both sites are equipped with a TrueBeam Varian linear accelerator, capable of delivering radiation of up to four times the intensity of today's standard machines reducing the duration of treatment. This, whilst focussing on the tumour with very high precision and accuracy. This results in a drastic reduction in the duration of radiation therapy sessions. Treatment planning takes place at the main office in Bellinzona where there is a dedicated CT scanner. The use of sophisticated equipment and a precise three-dimensional definition of the tumour and critical organs continue to make radiotherapy increasingly precise, allowing us to modulate and maximise the radiation dose to the tumour whilst reducing the irradiation and potential damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. Both accelerators can deliver treatments with different techniques: 3D conformational (3DCRT), modulated intensity (IMRT) and volumetric arcs (VMAT) and have online treatment control.

The Lugano site is also equipped with a Brachytherapy system, with 3D planning, dedicated to the treatment of gynaecological tumours as well as to the treatment of breast tumours in intraoperative mode (IORT) and superficial skin tumours. Stereotactic brain radiotherapy (SRS) and stereotactic radiotherapy of other body sites (SBRT) treatments are carried out at both sites. In synergy with the Neurosurgery Service of the Neurocentre of Lugano, our TrueBeam accelerator has been equipped with an ExacTrac stereotactic control system (BrainLab®), further improving the precision of treatments for central nervous system tumours.