Nuclear medicine

Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland

Direzione medico/scientifica

Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona e Valli

6500 Bellinzona

Nuclear Medicine uses substances with low emission of radioactivity (radiopharmaceuticals) and hi-tech instruments (gamma-cameras, PET tomography). For diagnosis (scintigraphy, tomoscintigraphy, SPET/CT) in all fields of medicine. Moreover, special radiopharmaceuticals are used for the treatment of benign thyroid diseases (hyperthyroidism and goitre), thyroid carcinomas, osseous metastases, neuroendocrine tumours and some lymphoma (i.e. follicular histotype).

The Service is present in two main hospital centres (i.e. Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona e Valli, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano  - Civico). All diagnostic procedures therapies with low-activities of iodine-131 are regularly carried out in both hospitals. Outpatient thyroid clinics (including ultrasound and cytological diagnostic) are also available in both sites.

The PET/CT Centre is located in the Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona e Valli as well as three application rooms for the therapy with high activities of iodine-131 (inpatient treatment) and facilities for isotopic therapies of lymphoma, osseous metastases, arthritis/synovitis (Radiosynoviorthesis).

There are a lot of didactic collaborations and research activities, in particularly focused on thyroid tumours, hyperthyroidism, radio metabolic therapy; PET/CT in oncology; diagnosis/therapy of lymphoma and nuclear cardiology (in collaboration with SAKK, Cantonal Institute of Pathology, Cardiocentro Ticino, University of Zurich, University Hospital "Fondazione Macchi"-Varese).