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Transplant Procedures Update for Physicians and Nurses operating in JACIE accredited transplant centers Zurück

September 16th 2016 - Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland - Bellinzona (Auditorium)

Dear participants,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to welcome you to IOSI in Bellinzona, Switzerland, to a freely accessible in-site and online conference, certified by EBMT and JACIE, that focused on physicians, nurses and technicians working in the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation field.
Transplant medicine is continuously evolving. Attending personnel, nurses and physicians, need to keep updated by participating to regular educational activities related to cellular therapy.

FACT-JACIE is a non-for-profit organization that certifies the adherence of transplant institutions to international quality standards. Transplant centers applying for accreditation are regularly audited by FACT in North America and by JACIE in Europe. In many countries these accreditations are mandatory.

Among the FACT-JACIE requirements, maintenance of competences of the personnel is one of the most important chapters, and needs to be documented on an annual basis.
The September 2016 conference in Bellinzona will be the source of the video recorded e-sessions , lectures and questionnaires, that will be available online free of charge and will provide access to CME and a certificate of competencies.

Upon correct answer of questionnaires on every topic, participants to the in-site or online conference will obtain a Certificate of Competence that will be validated by EBMT and JACIE and will serve as a certificate for JACIE audits. In addition, the activities will be granted with CME certification by EBMT/EHA.

  • Aleksandra Babic, IOSI Transplant Unit Quality Manager, EBMT NG President, Bellinzona, CH
  • Luciano Wannesson, IOSI Transplant Program Director, Bellinzona, CH
  • Michele Ghielmini, IOSI Hospital Head Director, Bellinzona, CH


Transplant Procedures Update for Physicians and Nurses operating in JACIE accredited transplant centers

Focus on Competency Maintenance

8h30 - 9h00 registration and coffee

9h00 - 9h15 Welcome message and objectives: Luciano Wannesson (Bellinzona, CH)

- Overview of JACIE process and implications Aleksandra Babic (Bellinzona, CH)

9h15 – 9h55 Indications for HPC transplantation: Luciano Wannesson (Bellinzona, CH)

- Standard indications – An Update
- Experimental indications
- High-dose regimens or preparative regimens (TBI including): myeloablative, RIC, haplo

09h55 – 10h40 Care of immunocompromised patients: Michelle Kenyon (London, UK)

- Hematology/oncology patient care, including an overview of the cellular therapy process
- Administration of preparative regimens, blood products, cellular therapy products, and other supportive    
- HPC product infusion and patient management
- Recognition of cellular therapy complications and emergencies requiring rapid notification of the transplant team.

10h40 – 11h00 Coffee break

11h00 - 12h00 Early and acute complications in BMT setting, diagnosis and management: Simone Cesaro (Verona, IT) Elisabeth Wallhult (Goeteborg, SE) Arno Mank (Amsterdam, NL)

- Management of mucositis, nausea, vomiting and pain management – A. Mank
- Central venous access device, care neutropenic fever, management of thrombocytopenia and bleeding – A. Mank
- Management of hemorrhagic cystitis – E. Wallhult
- Diagnosis and management of veno-occlusive disease of the liver – E. Wallhult
- Respiratory infections – S. Cesaro
- Fungal infections - S. Cesaro
- Common viral complications - S. Cesaro
- Multi-resistant bacteria – reducing the spread - S. Cesaro

12h00 – 12h40  Supportive care of the HSCT recipient: Caroline Bompoint (Monpellier, FR)

- Principles of nutritional support
- Psychological care: Meeting information needs
- Survivorship and quality of life
- Palliative and end of life care: pain management

12h40 – 12h55 Questions and Answers with all speakers

12h55 - 13h40 Lunch

13h45 – 14h25 Cell source and Apheresis: Francesco Lanza (Ravenna, IT)

- Administration of growth factors for HPC mobilization and for posttransplant hematopoietic cell reconstitution
- HPC processing: principles of bone marrow harvest procedures and apheresis collection procedures
- New CB application
- HPC cryopreservation
- Extracorporeal photopheresis for GVHD

14h25 – 15h05 Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD): Mats Brune (Göteborg, SE)

- Acute vs chronic graft versus host disease: assessment criteria
- Prophylaxis, treatment and care, supportive and complementary

15h05 – 15h45 Evaluation of post-transplant cellular therapy outcomes:  Anna Sureda (Barcelona, ESP)

- Diagnosis and management of HPC graft failure
- Evaluation of late effects of allogeneic and autologous transplants, including cellular, pharmacologic, and radiation
- Documentation and reporting for patients on investigational protocols
- Applicable regulations and reporting responsibilities for adverse events

15h45 - 16h05 Coffee/Tea Break

16h05 - Identification, evaluation, and selection of HPC source, including use of donor registries: Jakob Passweg (Bern, CH)

- Donor eligibility determination
- Methodology and implications of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing
- Administration of ABO incompatible cellular therapy products and management of patients
- Donor rights, confidentiality and privacy

16h45 – 17h15 Q&A with all speakers

17h15 Closing remarks


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