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Rapporto Scientifico 2018

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A comprehensive computer literature search of PubMed/MEDLINE database was carried out. The last database search was performed on February 28th, 2019. Keywords were used in the string search based on the different EOC sites. Inclusion criteria were: a) peer-reviewed articles listed in PubMed/MEDLINE with at least one EOC researcher as co-author; b) final publication of the article in a scientific journal issue in 2018. Articles published in PubMed in 2018 as “Epub ahead of print”, that are citations prior to their publication in final or print format, were therefore excluded from the current analysis.
Journal Impact factor (IF) and Journal IF Quartile of the scientific journals in which EOC researchers published their peer-reviewed articles in 2018 were also evaluated using data from the 2017 Journal Citations Reports (JCR).
The scientific activity carried out by the EOC Institutes and Departments, based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria mentioned above, resulted in 373 peer-reviewed articles, of which 302 were reviews or original articles.

For more details about the publications’ analysis, refer to the link at the bottom of the page or in the sidebar.  

Publications are listed in alphabetical order. EOC collaborator are highlighted in bold. For each article, Journal IF, Journal IF quartile and PMID, which is linked to the abstract in PubMed, are reported.

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