As the symposium main theme and title "Choosing Wisely" we encourage you to keep it in mind also in organizing your trip to Lugano.
We strongly promote the use of public transportation and the car sharing to reach Lugano.

A limited parking area is offered for the participants, in via la Santa just across the bridge and next to Università della Svizzera Italiana.
Some signs will be allocated in several strategic spots of Lugano to drive you to this area.

In case you do not find any available parking lot here, here below we suggest you some other places where you can leave your car:

  • Unpaved parking areas in via Ciani (just before the football field). Please note that this area is used by several this area is cost free
  • Autosilo Balestra (Via Giovanni Battisti Pioda). For parking costs please visit the link below
  • Autosilo Piazza Castello - Palazzo dei Congressi (via Carlo Cattaneo). For parking costs please visit the link below

For more information about parking places in Lugano, we recommend to visit