2019 Scientific Report

This report provides an account of the research activities at the Institutes and Departments of the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) and at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) involved in medical research during the year 2019. This new format reflects the increasing integration between research conducted at the two institutions with the creation of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and with the signature of a research cooperation agreement in 2020.

The first part of the report provides a brief description of the main research activities in EOC Institutes and Departments and USI Institutes related to the medical field (as the Institute of Public Health). Notably, this section clearly demonstrates that EOC staff not only provide first-rate patient care, but also perform high quality clinical and translational research. Indeed, research is becoming a fundamental part of the activities of health professionals within EOC, contributing to improve the quality of patient care. Moreover, substantial competences in public health, health economics and communication are present at USI. The development of a common research strategy between EOC and USI is expected to reinforce the research activities in several medical disciplines and to increase synergies with related fields.

As in the previous years, the report presents the overall EOC research output in terms of peer-reviewed publications listed in PubMed/ MEDLINE database, including analyses on number and type of publications, the journal impact factor and quartiles. The high level of achievement in scientific productivity is documented quantitatively (360 peer-reviewed articles, of which 308 as original or review articles) and qualitatively (almost 50% on the highest ranked journals). Furthermore, the level of scientific collaboration (local, national or international) and the contribution of EOC researchers (as first or last author) are evaluated and further demonstrate the high quality of the EOC scientific production in 2019. These findings are similar compared to those reported in the 2018 Scientific Report.

Lastly, the report shows a brief summary of the main EOC-USI funded research projects. Overall, throughout 2019, the EOC Institutes and Departments, including the research laboratories, produced high-quality research attaining broad recognition at national and international level. Together with patient care and education, research is an integral part of EOC activities. Bringing research closer to practice helps to facilitate ongoing studies and monitoring of the relative effectiveness of clinical interventions and care processes, to guarantee the quality and safety of services provided to our patients and to ensure that our patients benefit from innovative diagnostic methods and therapies. Furthermore, the steady growth in quantity and quality of research activities at EOC is fundamental for the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences. This is in line with the 2018-2021 EOC strategic plan for a Cantonal hospital of national and academic value.


Editorial Board
of the EOC Scientific Report