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Istituto Oncologico della Svizzera Italiana
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Gynaecological tumours
These tumours develop in the uterus, ovaries, tubes, and more rarely, the vulva and vagina. The prognosis of patients has significantly improved in the last decade thanks to increased knowledge of molecular biology and the application of a multidisciplinary approach, with the concomitant or sequential use of surgery, radiotherapy and medical therapy.
Gynaecological cancer unit
The Gynaecological Tumour Unit group consists of medical and radiation oncologists with expertise in the treatment of tumours of the female genital tract. The group meets by videoconference (tumour board) twice a week to agree on the course of action in cases of initial diagnosis in one session, and on the course of therapy after surgery and according to the final histological examination in the other. 
The videoconference is attended by the EOC gynaecologists and pathologists who performed the surgical treatment and histological diagnosis. The information from the various specialists and the joint discussion ensure a multidisciplinary approach and a shared treatment of these tumours.
As part of IOSI's new drug development programme, studies are underway in ovarian and uterine cancer, with the possibility for patients to receive experimental and "personalised" therapies adapted to the biological characteristics of the disease.
  • Radiologist (Stefania Rizzo)
  • Dedicated EOC gynaecologists
  • Dedicated EOC pathologists
  • Nuclear physicians (L. Ceriani)