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Today's multimodal and interdisciplinary cancer approaches have improved the success of treatments. With an extended life however, is an increase in importance of treatment and disease side effects. New physical, psychological, family and social needs arise, which it is important to recognise and address from the very beginning of the illness.

Description of the service
After an assessment interview, where needs are identified, a personalised outpatient rehabilitation programme is formulated, which may include: physiotherapy and occupational therapy, nutritional counselling, psychotherapy, assistance with work-related problems, "stop smoking" counselling, complementary therapies and more.
Service features
The Lega Ticinese Contro il Cancro is a supporter of this offer, which is extended to all oncology clinics. The EOC Rehabilitation Clinic in Novaggio is actively involved in the offer and is our point of reference for inpatient oncological rehabilitation.
Information for patients
The offer is aimed at all oncology patients, regardless of tumour type and therapy.



  • Dr.ssa med. Simonetta Mauri
Coordinating nurse