Istituto Oncologico della Svizzera Italiana

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Cancer is related to a range of emotional and psychological experiences, which often require the involvement of specialists to help patients and families with these delicate matters.
Over the years, cancer therapies have become longer and more complex, as has the course of the illness. In addition, a cancer diagnosis, recurrence, physical deterioration and the problem of loss in all its aspects, cause uncertainty, anger, feelings of impotence, sadness and fear in the patient. This alters their personal balance and family relationships also modifying the quality of life of their loved ones.
Psychological interventions are aimed at reducing psychological distress, to maintain open communication with family members and the care team, and help patients integrate their illness into their life experience.
The Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Service has been collaborating with the IOSI since 1987 to take care of patients and their families. Our service plays an active role in the various liaison activities in the oncological field, providing counselling, psychotherapeutic and pharmacological care for patients and/or their families, both in outpatient and inpatient settings, in collaboration with the local psychiatric and non-psychiatric services.
Our work in the field of oncology has been further enhanced by collaboration with the Specialised Oncology Centres (COS). These centres are dedicated to making multi-professional and interdisciplinary collaboration more effective in the fight against specific tumours and the individual care of cancer patients throughout their treatment pathway (diagnosis, therapy, care and treatment, rehabilitation). 

Furthermore, there has been a collaboration for many years with the Ticino Cancer League in the multidisciplinary management of our patients and their families, as well as in the training and supervision of our volunteers.