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The IOSI offers high quality consultations, including the review of histological material. To enable us to prepare for the consultation, a summary of the clinical history and the latest medical and diagnostic reports of the patient are required.
Our Institute is offers the following system of second opinions, which enables you to benefit from a consultation adapted to your needs, delivered by our specialists. 
•Second opinion in presence of the patient or via Skype/Zoom and/or similar systems CHF 450.
•Second opinion in absence of the patient - study and analysis of clinical documentation CHF 300.                          
•Follow-up Second Opinion CHF 250.
A second opinion consultation includes the study of the material provided, the survey of the clinical history, the visit of the patient (when present), the study of the iconographic material (diagnostic examinations) and a written report that will be given to you at the end of the consultation or sent to the patient by electronic courier in the following days. The duration is about 1 hour.
These consultations are organised at each IOSI site, but are generally concentrated in Bellinzona (lymphomas, leukaemia, experimental therapies, gynaecological tumours, thyroid tumours, brain tumours, etc.) and in Lugano (breast cancer, gastro-intestinal tumours).
For second opinion consultations in general, it is best if the patient presents himself or herself. If this is not possible, at least by his or her relatives or acquaintances.
Please send your request to the following email address ad include as much of the documentation as possible:

Please note that the documentation must be scanned and not photographed with a mobile phone as it is difficult to read.



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