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The Oncological Institute of Southern Switzerland (IOSI) is one of the main centres for clinical cancer research in Switzerland. Every year, around 20 new clinical trials are initiated, with around 50 clinical trials being open at any time. Our goal is to be able to offer patients access to innovative therapies.

Description of the service

The Clinical Research Unit of the IOSI (CRU-IOSI) is responsible for the management and coordination of the clinical trials active at the IOSI and is the point of contact for any question on the conduct of clinical research. The CRU-IOSI supports the investigators and the various research groups with the aim of improving the quality of clinical research and encouraging a culture of innovation.

Features of the Service

The main topics of clinical research at the IOSI are: developing new cancer drugs, Lymphomas/Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia and Prostate Cancer.
Other significant research areas are breast cancer, lung cancer, haematology research, gastrointestinal cancers and radiotherapy research. 
An important aspect of clinical research at our Institute is  our collaboration with other research groups, both national and international. In particular: the Oncological Research Institute (IOR), the International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group (IELSG), the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK), the Cantonal Institute of Pathology (ICPL), the Clinical Trial Unit of the Cantonal Hospital Corporation (CTU-EOC) and the International Breast cancer Study Group (IBCSG).

Information for patients

Patients can contact the doctor in charge of the unit directly or through their treating physicians.
Appropriate documentation is requested, and if there is an indication for one of the available therapies under investigation, an appointment is made for a medical consultation. Treatment is begun only after the patient has evaluated and accepted the therapy proposal (to be carried out at IOSI), the treatment procedures and the checks to be performed. The patient is informed of the outcome of the treatment, of which the treating doctor is also informed, with whom, if necessary, a new treatment proposal is discussed.
Current studies are listed on the website.
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Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Unit in Oncology, and in particular the new drugs group, offers patients the opportunity of receiving treatment with experimental drugs, i.e. drugs that are still in the study phase. The Unit also offers the possibility of participating in international studies conducted to assess the advantage that innovative treatments offer over standard treatments, in certain types of cancer.

Lymphoma Unit

Research is a fundamental aspect of the Lymphoma Unit's work, which is why a database has been set up (which so far has about two thousand cases) to collect, in anonymous form, the clinical and pathological data of lymphoma patients treated in the last thirty years at our institute.

Breast cancer

Clinical research is essential and indispensable in order to continuously improve the treatment of breast cancer and to make new treatments quickly available to all who need them. Clinical research covers all areas of breast cancer treatment and seeks to answer outstanding questions.