Choosing Wisely Symposium (English version)

September 15th 2017 - Hotel de La Paix, Lugano

 Choosing Wisely: bridging the gap from theory to practice
Hands on experience about data & patient empowerment

The conference

The second edition of the Symposium will be based on practical experiences and case studies. The contents will be divided into two sections. The first one will be about share decision making between physician and patient, whereas, the second one will be focused on measurements and monitoring.
The event is free of charge and is intended for: Medical Directors, Hospital Directors, Nurse Managers, Quality Managers, Risk Managers, medical, nursing and other health care staff, Health insurers, associations promoting healthcare quality and patient safety.

Speakers and moderators

Reto Auer, MD, MAS, Assistant Professor, Head of Research, Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM), University of Bern, and Adjunct physician, Department of Ambulatory Care and Community Medicine, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Fabrizio Barazzoni, MD, MPH, FMH Prevention and Public Health, Head of Academic Education, Research and Innovation Area, EOC; Member of Choosing Wisely Switzerland/Ticino, Switzerland

Enos Bernasconi, MD, Professor and Vice Head Physician of Internal Medicine, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano; Head of the Division of infectious diseases EOC; Deputy Head of EOC Internal Medicine Department; Member of Choosing Wisely Switzerland/Ticino, Switzerland

Alessandro Ceschi, MD, PD, FEAPCCT, Medical and Scientific Director, Institute of Pharmacological Sciences of Southern Switzerland, EOC; Consultant, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, University Hospital Zurich; Member of Choosing Wisely Switzerland/Ticino, Switzerland

Luca Gabutti, MD, Professor and Chief Physician of Medicine and Nephrology, Ospedale Regionale di Bellinzona e Valli and Head of EOC Internal Medicine Department; Member of Smarter Medicine and Scientific Director of Choosing Wisely Switzerland/Ticino, Switzerland

Jean-Michel Gaspoz, MD, Professor and Physician-in-chief, Division of Primary Care Medicine; Chairman, Department of community medicine, primary care and emergency medicine, Geneva University Hospitals; Co-President, Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine, Geneva, President of Smarter Medicine, Switzerland

Mauro Giuliani, MD, Specialist in Visceral Surgery, Vice Head Physician of General Surgery, Ospedale Regionale di Locarno, Member of Choosing Wisely Switzerland/Ticino, Switzerland

Angela Greco, MS, Head of Quality and Patient Safety Service, Ospedale Regionale di Locarno; Coordinator of EOC Internal Medicine Department; Coordinator of Choosing Wisely Switzerland/Ticino, Switzerland

Mirjam Jenny, PhD, Head Research Scientist, Harding Center for Risk Literacy, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany

David Klemperer, MD, Professor of Social Medicine and Public Health, University of Applied Sciences, Regensburg, Germany

Wendy Levinson, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto and Chair of Choosing Wisely Canada & International

Paul Myres, MMed Sci FRCGP, Chair Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales, Programme Lead Choosing Wisely Wales

Giorgio Pellanda, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, EOC, Switzerland

Wilco C. Peul, MD, PhD, MBA, Professor & Chair Neurosurgery Leiden University, Department of Neurosurgery The Hague & Leiden, Holland

Nicolas Rodondi, MD, Professor and Head of Ambulatory Care, Department of General Internal Medicine, Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland

Beccah Rothschild, MPA, Senior Outreach Leader for Choosing Wisely campaign at Consumer Reports, San Francisco, United States of America

Sandra Vernero, MD, Founding Member and Vice-president of Italy’s Slow Medicine, Coordinator of the campaign “Doing more does not mean doing better” - Choosing Wisely Italy