About us

Multisite Hospital EOC

Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) stands out for the safety and quality of care, offering to patients medical and technological progress of proven effectiveness. It brings together medical expertise and relationship-focused care as well as advanced research and high quality level of training. The multidisciplinarity of the provided health care services represents a great advantage to patients who can find in the same organization various medical specialists ready to perform in any situation that might arise.

EOC is consisting of 6 institutes:

Regional Hospital of Lugano consisting of two hospitals: Civico and Italiano
Regional Hospital of Bellinzona e Valli consisting of three hospitals: San Giovanni of Bellinzona, hospital of Faido and hospital of Acquarossa
Regional Hospital of Mendrisio - Beata Vergine
Regional Hospital of Locarno - la Carità
Oncologic Institute of Southern Switzerland
Rehabilitation Clinic of Novaggio

The hospitals’ distribution all over the cantonal territory enables EOC to guarantee patients’ complete health care offer regardless of the location where medical services have been required. The organization’s slogan is “Together for a better care” because EOC’s first aim is to put together knowledge and expertise for patients care.

Multisite Departments

Multisite Departments are organizational and functional structures that assemble units of each regional hospital in order to promote and strengthen clinical, training and specific research coordination as well as to enforce the value of internal specificities and expertise through - where appropriate - centre of reference creation.