2021 Publications by Institute and Department

Publications are listed in alphabetical order for each section: original articles; reviews; editorials or letters or comments; case reports. Meta-analyses, surveys and research letters are classified as original articles. Systematic reviews without meta-analyses, case reports with reviews of the literature, protocols and consensus papers are classified as reviews.

Only EOC authors affiliated with the Institute/Department are highlighted in bold.

Last PubMed search was performed in March 2022. Only articles published as final publications in 2021 are listed. Articles listed in PubMed in 2021 as “Online ahead of print” are not included.

Journal Impact factor (IF) and Journal IF quartiles (Q) are from the Journal Citation Reports 2020. For each article, the PMID is linked to the abstract in PubMed.


  • Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland 

  • Institute of Clinical Neurosciences of Southern Switzerland 

  • Imaging Institute of Southern Switzerland 

  • Cardiocentro Ticino Institute  

  • Institute of Pediatrics of Southern Switzerland 

  • Institute of Pharmacological Sciences of Southern Switzerland 

  • Institute of Laboratory Medicine  

  • EOC Department of Surgery 

  • EOC Department of Medicine 

  • EOC Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics 

  • EOC Department of Critical Care 

  • EOC Nursing Research Centre  

  • Cantonal Institute of Pathology  

  • EOC Information and Communication Technology Division 

  • Clinical Trial Unit EOC 

  • Other