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Rapporto Scientifico

Research at IOSI Indietro

The IOSI includes all the specialisations dealing with oncology within the EOC in a single organisational structure. The IOSI is devised according to the North American model of “comprehensive cancer centres”, but has its own particular structure, as it has a horizontal structure throughout the EOC.
Therefore, the IOSI is intended to be an all-inclusive structure, containing all the specialisations that deal with the diagnosis, treatment and research in the field of tumour diseases.
The IOSI has six services: medical oncology, radio-oncology, haematology, nuclear medicine, palliative care and research. Each service has its own research program coordinated by the IOSI Scientific Board that decides on common research guidelines. The research laboratories at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) are part of the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR) and are run by the “Fondazione ticinese per la ricerca e la cura dei linfomi” (Ticino Foundation for research and treatment of lymphomas), although functionally, they are part of the IOSI’s Research Division.

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