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Rapporto Scientifico

Information and Communications Technology Department ICT Indietro

The main objective of our ICT Department (ICT Area) is to supply all our Hospitals and Institutes with the more suitable technology tools and services for care, teaching and research activities.
On the one hand, we ensure the technological know-how acquired after years of experience in the field and with the participation in national events, and on the other, we want to deliver the right tools following the economic sustainability criteria.
Innovation for us has a broad meaning: our service ranges from infrastructure (systems, clients and networks) to software-related aspects and focuses on the new trends of «business intelligence» and information management.
We deal, to some extent, with the typical “descriptive” activities in terms of statistics and dashboards, but especially for research, we are increasingly moving towards “Diagnostics” and “Predictive analysis”.
How? Our aim is to create a culture at people level and a framework platform at a technical level to be used by our researchers.
In other words, ICT Department is working in order to face the “BIG DATA” wave often mentioned in the media.


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