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Rapporto Scientifico 2017

Scientific Report 2017 Indietro

Throughout 2017, the EOC clinical services and research laboratories (e.g. the Laboratory for Biomedical Neurosciences or the Regenerative Medicine Technologies Laboratory of the Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery Unit) produced high-quality research and attained broad recognition at the national and international level. This high level of achievement in scientific productivity is documented both quantitively (+46% in peer-reviewed publications compared to 2012) and qualitatively (see Impact Factor analysis, chapter 10), almost matching the 2016 performance. The academic staff’s H-index for the previous 5 years (2012-2017) was analysed using the Web of Science platform (WoS, Clarivate Analytics) (see the H-index analysis, chapter 10).
The institutional Clinical Trial Unit (CTU-EOC), established in 2012 and an associate member of the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO) since 2016, has continued its activity by building fruitful collaborations with new departments and services. It has undertaken the full development of projects and has embarked in new project. For instance, it is now coordinating the establishment of the EOC biobank (a repository for the storage of biological samples and medical data to be used in clinical research) together with the Institute of Laboratory Medicine (EOLAB), in accordance with the Swiss Biobank Platform requirements. The CTU is also collaborating the development and implementation of a general consent at a national level (see also chapter 8). The recent involvement of the CTU-EOC with the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) Advisory Board of Switzerland, shall ensure that future research directions will also focus on providing education and training tools for representatives of patients’ organizations.
The growing improvement in quality of clinical and translational research activities within the EOC is fundamental for the upcoming Medical Master School of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), providing strong foundations for the education and training of future physicians and researchers able to embrace the fascinating, yet demanding challenges of modern medicine.

The various sections included in this Scientific Report provide a detailed description of the research areas pursued by the clinical services, departments, institutes and laboratories of the EOC to convey a more in-depth account of their focus and effort. Further information on clinical and translational trials conducted at the EOC hospitals, whether publicly or privately funded (see chapter 9) can be accessed through the EOC study registry ( This Registry not only provides a platform to ensure the quality of the trials, but also facilitates information exchange and collaborations within the scientific community.

Another important chapter of the Scientific Report 2017 is dedicated to research in nursing and midwifery, acknowledging the recent launch in 2016 the EOC Nursing Research Center (ECRI) established with the mission to promoting the development and quality of nursing care in response to the population’s health needs, promoting innovation and nursing research in every clinical practice and maintaining close contact between research (theory) and nursing care (practice)” (see also chapter 6).

Research is an integral part of many hospital activities within our organization, it is fundamental to guarantee the quality and safety of the services provided to our patients and an essential prerequisite to ensure that our patients receive the most evidence-based treatments or the most innovative therapies available.
It is our endeavor to ensure that our research will ultimately assist in maintaining and improving our engagement on personalized care for each patient.


Fabrizio Barazzoni MD, MPH
Prevention and Public Health
Head of the EOC Academic Education, Research
and Innovation Area (AFRI)
Head of the Medical Area of the EOC Head Office
(until August 31st 2017)
Chair of the Scientific Research Advisory Board

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