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Rapporto Scientifico 2017

IOSI Research Indietro

The Institute includes many of the cancer specialisations within the EOC and is organised in a single medical and administrative structure meeting patients’ needs transversally through the four public Hospitals of Ticino. It was built based on the model of the American Comprehensive Cancer Centers but without the surgical component. Therefore, the Institute is currently composed of five medical services: medical oncology, haematology, radio- oncology, palliative care and nuclear medicine. Haematology, palliative care and nuclear medicine also provide care and services for patients who do not suffer from cancer.
In the past, the IOSI also had a clinical research department and a laboratory research department.
During 2017 the laboratory research unit was definitely separated from the IOSI in a facility called Institute of Oncology Research, logistically located together with the Institute of Research in Biomedicine in the centre of Bellinzona.

The Clinical Research Unit was also restructured and is no longer a separate unit. It was decided that each department will conduct clinical research which will be centrally coordinated by an IOSI clinical Research Unit (CRU) made up of study coordinators
and research nurses who will help perform the clinical studies of all the departments. A separate Unit for the development of new anticancer drugs has existed for decades and continues its activity.
Although the IOSI performs research in different types of cancer and also in non -oncological areas, the Institute decided that in the next five years
it will mainly focus on lymphoproliferative diseases, prostate cancer and new drug development.
Other topics of interest include breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and radiomics.
The following report shows the research activity of the five medical Services in the last year.


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