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Rapporto Scientifico 2017

Nursing Research Centre Research Indietro

Since 2007, the EOC nursing department has adopted the organisational model and philosophy of “Relationship-Based Care (RBC)”. One of the RBC aims is that health care professionals remain focused on patients and their loved ones they take care of, and the importance of knowing how to establish a therapeutic relationship with them. As professionals it is also important, to be aware of the best knowledge in nursing available today. It is well-known that this knowledge changes quite quickly in medicine and nursing. What was effective yesterday, may not be effective today. Therefore, research development in this professional field is important, to provide nurses with useful knowledge to adapt their professional interventions to each person’s specific characteristics (personalisation) and be consistent with the best existing evidence, when available. With this in mind, in September 2016, the EOC Nursing Research Center (ECRI) was set up, under the responsibility of Dario Valcarenghi (PhD), whose mission is to: “... promote the development and quality of nursing care in response to the population’s health needs, promoting innovation and nursing research in every clinical reality of the EOC and maintaining close contact between research (theory) and nursing care (practice)”. Among the first activities carried out by the ECRI, besides designing and conducting nursing research in close collaboration with care settings, has been the development of training/awareness courses on research topics for all the EOC nurses, in co-operation with the EOC Department of Training and Education.

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