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Rapporto Scientifico 2017

ABREOC Indietro

The Scientific Research Advisory Board of the EOC (ABREOC) was set up as an advisory body in October 2007 to coordinate research in the EOC hospitals.
ABREOC aims at improving knowledge in the medical and nursing fields by:

  • Fostering research within the EOC
  • Promoting collaboration with both national and international research institutions
  • Encouraging the creation of research centres in specific sectors
  • Creating the appropriate conditions for the highest possible integration between research and its clinical applications
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary research.

ABREOC operates in accordance with the current legislation, taking into account the recommendations of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and the Cantonal Ethics Committee. The EOC medical staff may submit to ABREOC research projects, requiring funding, to be carried out in the EOC hospitals.

ABREOC has the following specific tasks:

  • To propose the general guidelines for research to be carried out in the hospitals, taking into account local interests, skills, initiatives and activities
  • To identify the sectors or new areas in which to promote or continue research
  • To create the necessary general conditions to foster research
  • To provide an assessment of the scientific value of research projects for which the EOC funding is requested, paying particular attention to how the project fits with the EOC vision and mission
  • To inform, in line with the available budget, about funding grant for research projects not covered by external funding
  • To assess, when consulted by the EOC head office or local management, the scientific value of studies or scientific research not funded by the EOC and their consistency with the EOC vision and mission 
  • To regularly collect all necessary information regarding research, authorised by and carried out within the EOC, from the Cantonal Ethics Committee.

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