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Rapporto Scientifico 2018

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Original articles

Benetti CConficconi EHamitaga F, Wyttenbach M, Lava SAG, Milani GP, Bianchetti MG,Simonetti GDHelbling R. Course of acute nonspecific mesenteric lymphadenitis: single-center experience. European journal of pediatrics 2018;177:243-6. IF 2.242, Q2, PMID28913615
Compter A, Schilling S, Vaineau CJ, Goeggel-Simonetti B, Metso TM, Southerland A, Pezzini A, Kloss M, Touze E, Worrall BB, Thijs V, Bejot Y, Reiner P, Grond-Ginsbach C, Bersano A, Brandt T, Caso V, Lyrer PA, Traenka C, Lichy C, Martin JJ, Leys D, Sarikaya H, Baumgartner RW, Jung S, Fischer U, Engelter ST, Dallongeville J, Chabriat H, Tatlisumak T, Bousser MG, Arnold M, Debette S. Determinants and outcome of multiple and early recurrent cervical artery dissections. Neurology 2018;91:e769-e80. IF 7.609, Q1, PMID 30068628
De Marchis GM, Katan M, Barro C, Fladt J, Traenka C, Seiffge DJ, Hert L, Gensicke H, Disanto G, Sutter R, Peters N, Sarikaya H, Goeggel-Simonetti B, El-Koussy M, Engelter S, Lyrer PA, Christ-Crain M, Arnold M, Kuhle J, Bonati LH. Serum neurofilament light chain in patients with acute cerebrovascular events. European journal of neurology 2018;25:562-8. IF 4.621, Q1, PMID 29281157
De Rosa V, Laurent M, Canavese F, Merlini L. A simple, precocious, and reliable way to assess future clinical outcome in children with Perthes disease and mild femoral head involvement: correlation between MRI with diffusion-weighted and dynamic gadolinium-enhanced subtraction and Catterall and Herring classifications. European journal of orthopaedic surgery & traumatology 2018;28:1283-90. IF 0, PMID 29696413
Garcia-Tarodo S, Datta AN, Ramelli GP, Marechal-Rouiller F, Bien CG, Korff CM. Circulating neural antibodies in unselected children with new-onset seizures. European journal of paediatric neurology 2018;22:396-403. IF 2.362, Q2, PMID 29291919
Germeni E, Vallini I, Bianchetti MG, Schulz PJ. Reconstructing normality following the diagnosis of a childhood chronic disease: does "rare" make a difference? European journal of pediatrics 2018;177:489-95. IF 2,242, Q2, PMID 29335841
Hofer M, von Scheven-Gete A, Santos M, Quartier P, Wouters C, Vanoni F, Saurenmann RK, Consolaro A, Bovis F, Ruperto N. The Swiss French version of the Juvenile Arthritis Multidimensional Assessment Report (JAMAR). Rheumatology international 2018;38:379-86. IF 1.952, Q4, PMID 29637354
Hurni Y, Poretti A, Schneider J, Guzman R, Ramelli GP. Arrested Hydrocephalus in Childhood: Case Series and Review of the Literature. Neuropediatrics 2018;49:302-9 IF 1.605, Q3, PMID 29933461
Lanni S, van Dijkhuizen EHP, Vanoni F, Viola S, Magnaguagno F, Magnano GM, Gandolfo C, Ravelli A, Malattia C. Ultrasound changes in synovial abnormalities induced by treatment in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Clinical and experimental rheumatology 2018;36:329-34. IF 3.201, Q2, PMID 29185965
Lava SA, Santi M, Milani GP, Bianchetti MGSimonetti GD. National modulators of symptomatic fever management in children: comparative analysis of survey data. Minerva pediatrica 2018;70:325-30. IF 0.947, Q4, PMID 27733747
Menzi CP, Bucher BS, Bianchetti MG, Ardissino G, Simonetti GD. Management and outcomes of childhood Goodpasture's disease. Pediatric research 2018;83:813-7. IF 3.123, Q1, PMID 29244791
Rost M, Acheson E, Kuhne T, Ansari M, Pacurari N, Brazzola P, Niggli F, Elger BS, Wangmo T. Palliative care in Swiss pediatric oncology settings: a retrospective analysis of medical records. Supportive care in cancer 2018;26:2707-15. IF 2.676, Q1, PMID 29478188
Soleman J, Knorr C, Datta AN, Strozzi S, Ramelli GP, Mariani L, Guzman R. Early vagal nerve stimulator implantation in children: personal experience and review of the literature. Child's nervous system 2018;34:893-900. IF 1.235, Q3, PMID 29255920
van Dijkhuizen EHP, Vanoni F, Magnano GM, Magnaguagno F, Rosendahl K, van Rossum MA, Martini A, Malattia C. Effect of the Inclusion of the Metacarpophalangeal Joints on the Wrist Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scoring System in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Journal of rheumatology 2018;45:1581-7. IF 3.470, Q2, PMID 30111639
Vanoni F, Caorsi R, Aeby S, Cochard M, Anton J, Berg S, Brik R, Dolezalova P, Kone-Paut I, Neven B, Ozen S, Pillet P, Stojanov S, Wouters C, Gattorno M, Hofer M. Towards a new set of classification criteria for PFAPA syndrome. Pediatric rheumatology online journal 2018;16:60. IF 2.543, Q1, PMID 30241480
Vanoni F, Federici S, Anton J, Barron KS, Brogan P, De Benedetti F, Dedeoglu F, Demirkaya E, Hentgen V, Kallinich T, Laxer R, Russo R, Toplak N, Uziel Y, Martini A, Ruperto N, Gattorno M, Hofer M. An international delphi survey for the definition of the variables for the development of new classification criteria for periodic fever aphtous stomatitis pharingitis cervical adenitis (PFAPA). Pediatric rheumatology online journal 2018;16:27. IF 2.543, Q1, PMID 29669569
Bianchetti D, Amelio GS, Lava SAG, Bianchetti MGSimonetti GD, Agostoni C, Fossali EF, Milani GP. D-lactic acidosis in humans: systematic literature review. Pediatric nephrology 2018;33:673-81. IF 2.627, Q1, PMID 29218437
Bozzini MA, Milani GP, Bianchetti MG, Fossali EF, Lava SAG. Idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome (Clarkson syndrome) in childhood: systematic literature review. European journal of pediatrics 2018;177:1149-54. IF 2.242, Q2, PMID 29936591
Bressieux-Degueldre S, Schaffner D, Hofer M, Sekarski N, Vanoni F. Kawasaki disease: an update. Revue medicale suisse 2018;14:384-9. IF 0, PMID 29461753
Canziani BC, Uestuener P, Fossali EF, Lava SAG, Bianchetti MG, Agostoni C, Milani GP. Clinical Practice: Nausea and vomiting in acute gastroenteritis: physiopathology and management. European journal of pediatrics 2018;177:1-5. IF 2.242, Q2, PMID 28963679
Capoferri G, Milani GP, Ramelli GPFerrarini ABianchetti MG, Lava SAG. Sporadic acute benign calf myositis: Systematic literature review. Neuromuscular disorders 2018;28:443-9. IF 2.487, Q3, PMID 29653699
Clericetti CM, Milani GP, Lava SAG, Bianchetti MGSimonetti GD, Giannini O. Hyperammonemia associated with distal renal tubular acidosis or urinary tract infection: a systematic review. Pediatric nephrology 2018;33:485-91. IF 2.627, Q1, PMID 29134448
Lavrek D, Lava SAG, Milani GP, Simonetti GDBianchetti MG, Giannini O. Hemolytic-uremic syndrome after Escherichia coli urinary tract infection in humans: systematic review of the literature. Journal of nephrology 2018;31:919-24. IF 2.724, Q2, PMID 30328581
Santi M, Lava SAG, Simonetti GDBianchetti MG, Milani GP. Acute Idiopathic Scrotal Edema: Systematic Literature Review. European journal of pediatric surgery 2018;28:222-6. IF 1.494, Q3, PMID 28505694
Case reports
Kurian M, Korff CM, Ranza E, Bernasconi A, Lubbig A, Nangia S, Ramelli GP, Wohlrab G, Nordli DR, Jr., Bast T. Focal cortical malformations in children with early infantile epilepsy and PCDH19 mutations: case report. Developmental medicine and child neurology 2018;60:100-5. IF 3.289, Q1, PMID 29064093
Editorials or letters or comments or study protocols
Ferrarini A, Milani GP, Bianchetti MG, Lava SAG. Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy associated with Coxsackie virus infection. Archives de pediatrie 2018;25:244. IF 0.295, Q4, PMID 29544967
Ramelli VPerlini RZanda NMascetti GRizzi ERamelli GP. Early identification of autism spectrum disorders using the two-step Modified Checklist for Autism: experience in Southern Switzerland. European journal of pediatrics 2018;177:477-8. IF 2.242, Q2, PMID29392393