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Original articles

Amato NManconi M, Moller JC, Sarasso S, Stanzione P, Staedler CKaelin-Lang AGalati S. Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson disease: Sleep matters. Annals of neurology 2018;84:905-17. IF: 10.244, Q1, PMID 30328147
Andereggen L, Amin-Hanjani S, El-Koussy M, Verma RK, Yuki K, Schoeni D, Hsieh K, Gralla J, Schroth G, Beck J, Raabe A, Arnold M, Reinert M, Andres RH. Quantitative magnetic resonance angiography as a potential predictor for cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome: a preliminary study. Journal of neurosurgery 2018;128:1006-14. IF 4.318, Q1, PMID 28409735
Baird B, Castelnovo A, Gosseries O, Tononi G. Frequent lucid dreaming associated with increased functional connectivity between frontopolar cortex and temporoparietal association areas. Scientific reports 2018;8:17798. IF 4.122, Q1, PMID 30542052
Baird B, Castelnovo A, Riedner BA, Lutz A, Ferrarelli F, Boly M, Davidson RJ, Tononi G. Human Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Shows Local Increases in Low-Frequency Oscillations and Global Decreases in High-Frequency Oscillations Compared to Resting Wakefulness. eNeuro 2018;5. IF 0, PMID 30225358
Barin L, Salmen A, Disanto G, Babacic H, Calabrese P, Chan A, Kamm CP, Kesselring J, Kuhle J, Gobbi C, Pot C, Puhan MA, von Wyl V. The disease burden of Multiple Sclerosis from the individual and population perspective: Which symptoms matter most? Multiple sclerosis and related disorders 2018;25:112-21. IF 3.199, Q2, PMID 30059895
Barro C, Benkert P, Disanto G, Tsagkas C, Amann M, Naegelin Y, Leppert D, Gobbi C, Granziera C, Yaldizli O, Michalak Z, Wuerfel J, Kappos L, Parmar K, Kuhle J. Serum neurofilament as a predictor of disease worsening and brain and spinal cord atrophy in multiple sclerosis. Brain 2018;141:2382-91. IF 10.840, Q1, PMID 29860296
Bertulli LReinert MRobert T. Third nerve decompression by anterior petroclinoid ligament opening after clipping of posterior communicating artery aneurysm-How I do it. Acta neurochirurgica 2018;160:2187-9. IF 1.929, Q2, PMID 30196387
Castronovo V, Galbiati A, Sforza M, Poletti M, Giarolli L, Kuo T, Zucconi M, Manconi M, Hensley M, Morin C, Ferini-Strambi L. Long-term clinical effect of group cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia: a case series study. Sleep medicine 2018;47:54-9. IF 3.395, Q2, PMID 29753926
Chiappini AMarchi FReinert MRobert T. Supraorbital approach through eyebrow skin incision for aneurysm clipping: how I do it. Acta neurochirurgica 2018;160:1155-8. IF 1.929, Q2, PMID 29654409
Cianfoni AGiamundo MPileggi M, Huscher K, Shapiro M, Isalberti MKuhlen DScarone P. Spinal Instrumentation Rescue with Cement Augmentation. American journal of neuroradiology 2018;39:1957-62. IF 3.653, Q1, PMID 30213804
De Marchis GM, Katan M, Barro C, Fladt J, Traenka C, Seiffge DJ, Hert L, Gensicke H,Disanto G, Sutter R, Peters N, Sarikaya H, Goeggel-Simonetti B, El-Koussy M, Engelter S, Lyrer PA, Christ-Crain M, Arnold M, Kuhle J, Bonati LH. Serum neurofilament light chain in patients with acute cerebrovascular events. European journal of neurology 2018;25:562-8. IF 4.621, Q1, PMID 29281157
Disanto GZecca C, MacLachlan S, Sacco R, Handunnetthi L, Meier UC, Simpson A, McDonald L, Rossi A, Benkert P, Kuhle J, Ramagopalan SV, Gobbi C. Prodromal symptoms of multiple sclerosis in primary care. Annals of neurology 2018;83:1162-73. IF 10.244, Q1, PMID29740872
Dobrocky T, Piechowiak E, Cianfoni A, Zibold F, Roccatagliata L, Mosimann P, Jung S, Fischer U, Mordasini P, Gralla J. Thrombectomy of calcified emboli in stroke. Does histology of thrombi influence the effectiveness of thrombectomy? Journal of neurointerventional surgery 2018;10:345-50. IF 3.524, Q1, PMID 28798266
Errede M, Mangieri D, Longo G, Girolamo F, de Trizio I, Vimercati A, Serio G, Frei K, Perris R, Virgintino D. Tunneling nanotubes evoke pericyte/endothelial communication during normal and tumoral angiogenesis. Fluids and barriers of the CNS 2018;15:28. IF 0, PMID30290761
Ferri R, Arico D, Cosentino FII, Lanuzza B, Chiaro GManconi M. REM sleep without atonia with REM sleep-related motor events: broadening the spectrum of REM sleep behavior disorder. Sleep 2018;41. IF 5.135, Q1, PMID 30239958
Ferri R, DelRosso LM, Arico D, Zucconi M, Ferini-Strambi L, Picchietti DL, Pizza F, Plazzi G,Manconi M, Bruni O. Leg movement activity during sleep in school-age children and adolescents: a detailed study in normal controls and participants with restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy type 1. Sleep 2018;41. IF 5.135, Q1, PMID 29365206
Ferri R, Silvani A, Rundo F, Zucconi M, Arico D, Bruni O, Ferini-Strambi L, Manconi M. Data-driven approaches to define the upper limit of the intermovement interval of periodic leg movements during sleep. Sleep 2018;41. IF 5.135, Q1, PMID 29346624
Fraga M, Doerig C, Moulin H, Bihl F, Brunner F, Mullhaupt B, Ripellino P, Semela D, Stickel F, Terziroli Beretta-Piccoli B, Aubert V, Telenti A, Greub G, Sahli R, Moradpour D. Hepatitis E virus as a cause of acute hepatitis acquired in Switzerland. Liver international 2018;38:619-26. IF 4.500, Q1, PMID 28834649
Fregno I, Fasana E, Bergmann TJ, Raimondi A, Loi M, Solda T, Galli C, D'Antuono R, Morone D, Danieli A, Paganetti P, van Anken E, Molinari M. ER-to-lysosome-associated degradation of proteasome-resistant ATZ polymers occurs via receptor-mediated vesicular transport. EMBO journal 2018;37. IF 10.557, Q1, PMID 30076131
Galati SSong WOrban G, Luft AR, Kaelin-Lang A. Cortical slow wave activity correlates with striatal synaptic strength in normal but not in Parkinsonian rats. Experimental neurology 2018;301:50-8. IF 4.483, Q1, PMID 29248630
Garbazza C, Sauter C, Paul J, Kollek J, Dujardin C, Hackethal S, Dorn H, Peter A, Hansen ML, Manconi M, Ferri R, Danker-Hopfe H. Leg Movement Activity During Sleep in Adults With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Frontiers in psychiatry 2018;9:179. IF 2.857, Q2, PMID 29780335
Giannaki CD, Aristotelous P, Stefanakis M, Hadjigeorgiou GM, Manconi M, Leonidou E, Sakkas GK, Pantzaris M. Restless legs syndrome in Multiple Sclerosis patients: a contributing factor for fatigue, impaired functional capacity, and diminished health-related quality of life. Neurological research 2018;40:586-92. IF 1.449, Q4, PMID 29577828
Grandi LCKaelin-Lang AOrban GSong WSalvade A, Stefani A, Di Giovanni G, Galati S. Oscillatory Activity in the Cortex, Motor Thalamus and Nucleus Reticularis Thalami in Acute TTX and Chronic 6-OHDA Dopamine-Depleted Animals. Frontiers in neurology 2018;9:663. IF 3.508, Q2, PMID 30210425
Kaufmann M, Kuhle J, Puhan MA, Kamm CP, Chan A, Salmen A, Kesselring J, Calabrese P,Gobbi C, Pot C, Steinemann N, Rodgers S, von Wyl V. Factors associated with time from first-symptoms to diagnosis and treatment initiation of Multiple Sclerosis in Switzerland. Multiple sclerosis journal - experimental, translational and clinical 2018;4:2055217318814562. IF 0, PMID 30559972
Latorre D, Kallweit U, Armentani E, Foglierini M, Mele F, Cassotta A, Jovic S, Jarrossay D, Mathis J, Zellini F, Becher B, Lanzavecchia A, Khatami R, Manconi M, Tafti M, Bassetti CL, Sallusto F. T cells in patients with narcolepsy target self-antigens of hypocretin neurons. Nature 2018;562:63-8. IF 41.577, Q1, PMID 30232458
Lo Martire V, Alvente S, Bastianini S, Berteotti C, Valli A, Manconi M, Zoccoli G, Silvani A. Sleep and Tibialis Anterior Muscle Activity in Mice With Mild Hypoxia and Iron Deficiency: Implications for the Restless Legs Syndrome. Frontiers in physiology 2018;9:1818. IF 3.394, Q1, PMID 30618828
Maino P, Presilla S, Colli Franzone PA, van Kuijk SMJ, Perez R, Koetsier E. Radiation Dose Exposure for Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections and Facet Joint Blocks Under CT vs. Fluoroscopic Guidance. Pain practice 2018;18:798-804. IF 2.187, Q3, PMID29282848
Maino P, van Kuijk SMJ, Perez R, Koetsier E. Ease of Fill Port Access During the Ultrasound-Guided vs. the Blind Refill Technique of Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems With a Raised Septum, a Prospective Comparison Study. Neuromodulation 2018;21:641-7. IF 2.774, Q2, PMID 29206310
Manconi MFanfulla F, Ferri R, Miano S, Haba-Rubio J, Heinzer R, Horvath T, Proserpio P, Young P, Moschovitis G, Seiler A, Cereda C, Nobili L, Wiest R, Ott SR, Bassetti CL. Periodic limb movements during sleep in stroke/TIA: Prevalence, course, and cardiovascular burden. Neurology 2018;90:e1663-e72 IF 7.609, Q1, PMID 29643080.
Melli GVacchi EBiemmi VGalati SStaedler C, Ambrosini R, Kaelin-Lang A. Cervical skin denervation associates with alpha-synuclein aggregates in Parkinson disease. Annals of clinical and translational neurology 2018;5:1394-407. IF 4.649, Q1, PMID 30480033
Meyer IA, Cereda CW, Correia PN, Zerlauth JB, Puccinelli F, Rotzinger DC, Amiguet M, Maeder P, Meuli RA, Michel P. Factors Associated With Focal Computed Tomographic Perfusion Abnormalities in Supratentorial Transient Ischemic Attacks. Stroke 2018;49:68-75. IF 6.239, Q1, PMID 29212745
Neidert MC, Maldaner N, Stienen MN, Roethlisberger M, Zumofen DW, D'Alonzo D, Marbacher S, Maduri R, Hostettler IC, Schatlo B, Schneider MM, Seule MA, Schoni D, Goldberg J, Fung C, Arrighi MValsecchi D, Bijlenga P, Schaller K, Bozinov O, Regli L, Burkhardt JK. The Barrow Neurological Institute Grading Scale as a Predictor for Delayed Cerebral Ischemia and Outcome After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Data From a Nationwide Patient Registry (Swiss SOS). Neurosurgery 2018;83:1286-93. IF 4.475, Q1, PMID29351673
Pace M, Camilo MR, Seiler A, Duss SB, Mathis J, Manconi M, Bassetti CL. Rapid eye movements sleep as a predictor of functional outcome after stroke: a translational study. Sleep 2018;41. IF 5.135, Q1, PMID 30032306
Pravatà E, Presilla S, Roccatagliata L, Cianfoni A. Operator radiation doses during CT-guided spine procedures. Clinical neurology and neurosurgery 2018;173:105-9. IF 1.736, Q3, PMID 30107353
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Robert TValsecchi D, Sylvestre P, Blanc R, Ciccio G, Smajda S, Redjem H, Piotin M. May the Inferior Petrosal Sinus Recanalization During Endovascular Treatment for Carotid-Cavernous Fistulas Increase the Risk of Sixth Nerve Palsy? World neurosurgery 2018;116:e246-e51. IF 1.924, Q2, PMID 29730099
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Scarone P, Vincenzo G, Distefano D, Del Grande F, Cianfoni A, Presilla S, Reinert M. Use of the Airo mobile intraoperative CT system versus the O-arm for transpedicular screw fixation in the thoracic and lumbar spine: a retrospective cohort study of 263 patients. Journal of neurosurgery Spine 2018;29:397-406. IF 2.761, Q2, PMID 29979141
Scotti B, Disanto GSacco R, Guigli M, Zecca CGobbi C. Effectiveness and safety of Rituximab in multiple sclerosis: an observational study from Southern Switzerland. PLoS One 2018;13:e0197415. IF 2.766, Q1, PMID 29758075
Squitti R, Siotto M, Assenza G, Giannantoni NM, Rongioletti M, Zappasodi F, Tecchio F. Prognostic Value of Serum Copper for Post-Stroke Clinical Recovery: A Pilot Study. Frontiers in neurology 2018;9:333. IF 3.508, Q2, PMID 29899723
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Stienen MN, Smoll NR, Fung C, Goldberg J, Bervini D, Maduri R, Chiappini ARobert T, May A, Bijlenga P, Zumofen D, Roethlisberger M, Seule MA, Marbacher S, Fandino J, Schatlo B, Schaller K, Keller E, Bozinov O, Regli L. Home-Time as a Surrogate Marker for Functional Outcome After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Stroke 2018;49:3081-4. IF 6.239, Q1, PMID 30735342
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Zecca C, Merlini A, Disanto G, Rodegher M, Panicari L, Romeo MAL, Candrian U, Messina MJ, Pravatà E, Moiola L, Stefanin C, Ghezzi A, Perrone P, Patti F, Comi G, Gobbi C, Martinelli V. Half-dose fingolimod for treating relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: Observational study. Multiple sclerosis 2018;24:167-74. IF 5.280, Q1, PMID 28273776
Zecca C, Roth S, Findling O, Perriard G, Bachmann V, Pless ML, Baumann A, Kamm CP, Lalive PH, Czaplinski A. Real-life long-term effectiveness of fingolimod in Swiss patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. European journal of neurology 2018;25:762-7. IF 4.621, Q1, PMID 29431876
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Garbazza CManconi M. Management Strategies for Restless Legs Syndrome/Willis-Ekbom Disease During Pregnancy. Sleep medicine clinics 2018;13:335-48. IF 0, PMID 30098751
Case reports
Chiaro GCastelnovo ABianco G, Maffei P, Manconi M. Severe Chronic Abuse of Zolpidem in Refractory Insomnia. Journal of clinical sleep medicine 2018;14:1257-9. IF 3.396, Q2, PMID29991431
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Zecca C, Antozzi CG, Torri Clerici V, Ferrazzini M, Mantegazza RE, Rossi S, Gobbi C. Severe multiple sclerosis reactivation during prolonged lymphopenia after dimethyl fumarate discontinuation. Acta neurologica Scandinavica 2018;137:623-5. IF 3.126, Q2, PMID 29205270
Editorials or letters or comments or study protocols
Gaudio E, Paduano F, Pinton S, D'Agostino S, Rocca R, Costa G, Ngankeu A, Aqeilan RI, Croce CM, Bertoni F, Alcaro S, Trapasso F. TCL1A interacts with TP63 and enhances the survival of Raji Burkitt lymphoma cell line. British journal of haematology 2018;183:509-12. IF 5.128, Q1, PMID 29048125
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