Scientific Report 2018

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Rapporto Scientifico 2018

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Indietro

Prof. Dr. Andrea Papadia, PhD
Head of Department

The newly constituted EOC Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics offers cutting-edge medical assistance for all aspects of female pathologies. The Department is deployed over the cantonal territory with four hospital facilities, which guarantee capillary distribution of first line gynecological and obstetrical interventions, while concentrating complex procedures within specialized Units, where centralization offers the opportunity to develop necessary skills and experience to deliver personalized medicine and conduct scientific research.
In 2018 the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service was active in clinical research with numerous projects, some still ongoing, while others have been finalized with scientific peer-reviewed publications.

Ongoing projects (Dr. F. Meani)

The team of the Breast Cancer Center of Southern Switzerland (CSSI) including this service, is actively enrolling patients to IBCSG 48-14 POSITIVE study, evaluating the pregnancy outcomes and safety of interrupting endocrine therapy for young women with endocrine-responsive breast cancer who desire pregnancy (Lead investigators: Prof. Dr. O. Pagani, Dr. A. Partridge, Dr. H. Azim, Dr. F. Peccatori).
On behalf of the CSSI (Lugano, Switzerland), the service is also actively participating in the INSPIRE phase 4 trial, International Nipple Sparing Mastectomy Registry (Lead investigators: Dr. R. Audiso and Dr. I. Rubio; Investigator at the Regional Hospital of Lugano, Ginecology and Obstetrics Service: Dr. F. Meani). Dr. Meani, Senior physician of the Service, developed
the CSSI App for breast cancer patients, for which he received a donation of CHF 30,000 by the Advocate Group “Anna dai Capelli Corti” in 2017. In collaboration with the Department of communication of USI (Dr. S. Petrocchi) a survey is currently ongoing, with the aim to evaluate the appreciation of the electronic support by our patients and its contribution to the patients/health providers communication and clinical interactions.
The CSSI is actively involved in the SPARKO study:
development of a minimally invasive procedure for the discrimination of tissue resistivity in breast cancer patients (Lead investigator: Dr. E. Meroni, EOC Regional Hospital of Mendrisio). The project is funded by ABREOC.
The Service is also involved in a multicentric retrospective observational study on the management of young women with breast cancer in Switzerland: The management of young women with breast cancer in Switzerland: a snapshot (Lead investigators: Dr. A.
Bordoni, Dr. A. Spitale, Dr. F. Meani, Prof. Dr. O. Pagani, Dr. E. Rapiti, Dr. D. Terribile, Dr. L. Rossi, Dr. G. Montagna). The study was funded by the Swiss Cancer League.
In 2018 the CSSI Participate to the Globalsurg 3 Study on Quality and outcomes after global cancer surgery: a prospective, international cohort study. The CSSI is also participating to the the OPBC-01 iTOP2 study: a retrospective multicenter analysis comparing conventional and oncoplastic breast conserving surgery regarding local recurrence rates (Local investigators: Dr. F. Meani and Prof. Dr. Y. Harder).
Since March 2018 the CSSI is actively collaborating with Dr. A. Calcinotto (Institute of Oncology Research, IOR) and Dr. S. di Lascio (IOSI), collecting breast cancer tumor samples to contribute to the studies on the relation between senescence in myeloid cells and tumorresistance mechanisms.
The EOC Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics was established in January 2019.