Scientific Report 2018

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Rapporto Scientifico 2018

Department of Critical Care Indietro

Prof. Dr. Paolo Merlani
Head of Department

The EOC Department of Critical Care is a functional department which includes the Services of Intensive Care, Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine of the four hospitals of the EOC. Aim of the Department is to coordinate the activities of these 12 services, aligning them to the EOC vision and mission, with a particular focus on safety and quality of care.
The Department wants to play an active role in incentivizing and supporting research and teaching, in close relationship with the Medical Master School of USI, with four academics currently involved in the organization and management of the Critical Medicine module for students attending the fourth year of the Medical School.
At the moment, several research projects are ongoing within the services of the Department, in collaboration with different universities and institutions in Switzerland
and abroad. Among the topics currently investigated through both clinical and preclinical trials, we mention the following:
  • A comparison of safety and effectiveness between two different regional anesthesia techniques in patients undergoing breast surgery.
  • The level of toxicity of local anesthetics in relationship to albumin levels in an animal model.
  • The potentiality for injection pressure continuous monitoring to prevent nerve damage during peripheral nerve blocks (in collaboration with the Anesthesia Department of Montpellier University Hospital).
  • The mechanism of lidocaine inhibition of cancer cells migration (in collaboration with the Institute for Research in Biomedicine).
  • The target controlled infusion of systemic lidocaine in surgical patients (in collaboration with Universitätsklinik Balgrist, University of Zurich).
  • The influence of pre-habilitation protocols on surgical outcomes (in collaboration with the EOC Department of Surgery).
  • Transfusion policies and patients bloodless management in the critical care and surgical patients.
The EOC Department of Critical Care was established in January 2019.